We facilitate redemptive friendship to work together on mission.

Central to our mission and vision is the work of cultivating a community of practice. For a decade we've been steadily growing a group of friends—now numbering in the thousands—committed to the vision and craft of redemptive entrepreneurship. We seek to challenge and build upon the best practices of the entrepreneurial sector—while rooted in the classical Christian narratives of gospel-shaped identity, vocation, and mission.

This community offers accountability and support in the extraordinary and often lonely vocation of entrepreneurship—always supplementing and never substituting for commitment to the local church.

As a community, we gather in large, local, and virtual settings, share expertise, support redemptive ventures and ideas through capital and mentorship, and much more.

In a very real sense, the Praxis community isn't a support structure for our organizational mission; it is the mission.

2024 Community Update

Our annual compilation of stories from our venture-building ecosystem. 

Stories of our Community at Work


Our community includes Mentors who—in addition to bringing domain expertise and deep insight—are exemplars of redemptive leadership. The Mentors page includes those who have mentored in our fellowship programs for the most recent cohort.


We gather as a community for the Redemptive Imagination Summit—to learn together, celebrate one another's faithful work, and collaborate around new opportunities for redemptive innovation across dozens of cities, sectors, and social challenges.

The 2025 Summit will be held on May 5-7, 2025 at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, CA. Submit an interest form or nominate someone for the 2025 Summit below.

EMERGING Founders @ Summit

a Cohort of top under-25 aspiring and future Founders.

The Emerging Founders Scholarship is an all-expenses-paid award for a cohort of emerging leaders to attend the Praxis Summit in Napa Valley, as our community’s guests. Emerging Founders will join regular event programming, as well as have unique opportunities as a cohort onsite.

PRAXIS Capital


The Praxis Capital initiative blends community, craft, and action into an entrepreneurial approach to both investing and philanthropy. We understand that the flourishing of any entrepreneurial ecosystem is disproportionately shaped by the character and vision of the people behind its capital. In partnership with leading practitioners, we host intensive, in-person gatherings, develop formative content, and share funding opportunities with redemptive investors and philanthropists.

Praxis Capital initiatives include:

Capital Fellowship: a cohort-based, 9-month program that supports investors, philanthropists, and families at a strategic inflection point. The Fellowship aims to create a community of peers that build together over the long term, joining in the work of redemptive entrepreneurship through the growth of their own vocations and the thoughtful allocation of capital.

Redemptive Capital Forum: an invitation-only, one-day addition to the Praxis Summit, exclusively for investors and philanthropists building a redemptive imagination for how they use capital. This annual gathering is for funders in our community most eager to dream and build together at the redemptive edge of investing and philanthropy.

Praxis Capital Partners: a small group of spiritually aligned and relationally connected funders who collectively support our Business Accelerator and Nonprofit Accelerator Fellows. Praxis Capital Partners make a 3-year commitment of guaranteed, opt-in capital investment for our Business Fellows or unrestricted funding for our Nonprofit Fellows. 

Capital Introductions: with nearly 200 active businesses and nonprofits led by entrepreneurs who are actively building redemptive ventures in the Praxis Portfolio, we have created a customized, introduction program that connects 100+ investors and philanthropists in our community to active deals and funding projects within the Praxis portfolio.

Contact Dan Reed, Partner for Praxis Capital, to learn more about these initiatives.

job board

An active platform for redemptive ventures in the praxis portfolio to post open jobs that reach people connected to the community.

Business and Nonprofit ventures from the Praxis Portfolio regularly post open positions on the Job Board for anyone to explore.

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