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Ideos Institute's National Day of Dialogue series taps expertise from Keseb Founder Yordanos Eyoel.

Ideos Institute

Christy Vines & Yordanos Eyoel

Praxis Studio 2020, Nonprofit 2023

Christy Vines and Ideos Institute launched the National Day of Dialogue on January 5, 2022—a coalition of organizations coming together for virtual events, social media campaigns, shared resources, and the release of Ideos’s documentary film, Dialogue Lab: America. This convening is a part of Ideos Institute’s larger mission to design empathy-based solutions that respond to the pressing issues facing our communities, nation, and world.

The National Day of Dialogue lecture series, Difference, Dialogue and Democracy, includes a talk from Yordanos Eyoel (Keseb, Nonprofit 2023), sharing the drivers of democratic regression in Brazil, India, South Africa and the United States, and trends across geographies, as well as a call for cross-country ecosystem approach to counter enduring authoritarian forces and build inclusive and resilient democracies.

Stories of our Community at Work