stories of our community at work

Kelly Lyndgaard experienced a "redemption of ambition" during a high-growth period in her venture.


Kelly Lyndgaard

Nonprofit 2018

When Kelly became a Fellow, she had recently left an executive role at a Fortune 50 company to start Unshattered, a social enterprise that helps women win their fight against addiction through job training and employment. She describes her Praxis experience as a redemption of ambition—a turning point from falsely believing that she couldn’t have big dreams in the nonprofit world. “I thought I had to play small this time. One of the key things I learned at Praxis was to lean into my ambition and calling in a healthy way.”

Through the program, Kelly adopted practices to lead with a focus on the restoration of people rather than organizational growth. She also found a community willing to encourage her in this script. “It felt like I had come home. Praxis is the community I had been looking for my whole life.” In 2020, Christy Singleton, a Praxis Mentor, joined the board at Unshattered.

In 2019, Unshattered has received recognition by the White House, landed on Huffington Post’s 16 Style and Beauty Gifts that Give Back list, grown their sales by over 30% and donations by 1,000%, and started the process of closing on a new property. More importantly, their model of holistic development has led to incredible success for their employees resulting in zero relapses.

Stories of our Community at Work