The Life We’re Looking For

This book is about what it means, in the fullest sense, to be a person. It examines how our technologies, institutions, and narratives so often fail to take the essence of personhood into account—and even seem to serve other purposes altogether.

Andy Crouch, partner for theology & culture at Praxis, offers a deeply reflective primer on creating meaningful connections, rebuilding abundant communities, and living in a way that engages our full humanity in an age of unprecedented anxiety and loneliness.

The book is also a prophetic expression of the aim of redemptive entrepreneurship, suggesting moves for leaders as they build ventures, products, team cultures, partnerships, and communities.

God wishes to put all things into the service of persons, and ultimately to bring forth the flourishing of creation through the flourishing of persons. Mammon wants to put all persons into the service of things, and ultimately to bring about the exploitation of all of creation.

Andy Crouch,
The Life We're Looking For

The Book & praxis

Praxis entrepreneurs build ventures that help our society pursue The Life We’re Looking For.

The picture of personhood in this book—that we are all heart-soul-mind-strength complexes designed for love—is rooted in the Christian story and mission. It is, we believe, a truer and higher definition of humanity than the one at the center of our contemporary imagination.

Redemptive entrepreneurship is venture building that begins with this view of persons as image-bearers of God. It calls for creative, sacrificial restoration at the personal, organizational, and cultural dimensions of our work.

Explore how the Praxis community embodies and builds toward the ideas in this book:

Our Opportunities for Redemptive Imagination offer a "creative agenda" of critical issues we invite entrepreneurs to work on.

The Redemptive Business and Redemptive Nonprofit Playbooks help leaders build strategy, operations, and leadership for healthy organizations.

Find profiles of redemptive entrepreneurship in our podcast, The Redemptive Edge, and digital magazine, the Praxis Journal.

A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs offers shared practices for the entrepreneurial journey.

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About the author
As partner for theology and culture at Praxis, Andy Crouch serves as a teacher, mentor, writer, and framework builder for our global community of entrepreneurs. For more than ten years, he was a producer and then executive editor at Christianity Today. He is the author of four prior books on culture, technology, and power; and his work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Best Christian Writing, and Best Spiritual Writing.