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Join our team as we advance redemptive entrepreneurship.

Praxis is a venture-building ecosystem with a redemptive imagination, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to address the major issues of our time.

We’re a small, nimble team of entrepreneurs and operators based in New York City who run programs, build relationships, and resource the community, all while having a lot of fun together along the way. Wherever a team member is in their career, we aim to make Praxis a place for humble and ambitious Christian builders to flourish vocationally as they meaningfully contribute to advancing redemptive entrepreneurship in the world.

praxis culture

Mission carriers: We seek team members who are internally motivated not only to advance redemptive entrepreneurship as an organizational mission, but to embody redemptive action as a personal and vocational priority.

Entrepreneurial spirit: We’re a team of builders and entrepreneurs, and a founder’s mindset is core to our ethos. Every person in every role is constantly thinking about how to build and improve, rather than to maintain the status quo. We see ourselves as innovators and approach our work with drive and an eye for possibility.

Humble & ambitious: Despite our many accomplishments, our team is committed to a posture of humility as we pursue holy ambition within our organization and our individual lives. We set big goals and pursue them not for our own glory but to see Praxis’ mission come to life in the world.

High excellence, high grace: We aim for the highest standards of value and impact in our programs, experiences, and operations. We take ownership over excellence not just within our vertical but across the organization. Our commitment to excellence is intentionally tied to a culture of grace, allowing us to own our mistakes and learn quickly for the next time.

Innovative & adaptable: We operate like a startup; our work is regularly in prototype mode and undergoes several iterations. Our team approaches change with a mindset of adaptability, bringing new solutions to opportunities and challenges that inevitably arise within a growing organization. We love to brainstorm and build with one another, and see each other as partners in our work, not obstacles in our way.

Tech-forward operators: We design and operate as a nonprofit pushing the edges of new technology and systems that allow our small team to operate efficiently at scale. We’re always looking for new ways to automate ourselves out of work and rely heavily on internal systems to propel our work across the community.

in our own words

What it's like to Work at Praxis

If you could describe your experience of Praxis’ culture in one sentence, what would you say?

Mary Elizabeth Ellett

Chief of Staff

Sajan George

Managing Partner

What is your favorite part of working at Praxis?

Andy Crouch

Partner, Theology & Culture


Chief of Staff

Share about a practice from the Rule of Life or Redemptive Nonprofit Playbook that you see come to life at Praxis.

Mackenzie korsi

Senior Programs Lead

Rob Albright

Director, Praxis Capital


We want to make Praxis an incredible place to work, regardless of your background or experience.

fully paid healthcare

We offer premium healthcare coverage (health, dental , & vision) and pay 100% of costs for employees and their dependents. We also offer FSA and DCFSA plans to all full-time employees.

flexible vacation policy

There are no minimum or maximum days for paid time off; we encourage our team to take vacation and sick leave as needed.

401k investment plan

We offer 401k plans for all full-time employees and match up to 5% annually.

job board & talent network

An active platform for redemptive ventures in the praxis portfolio to post open jobs that reach people connected to the community.

Both Business and Nonprofit ventures from the Praxis Portfolio regularly post open positions on the Job Board for anyone to explore. We also invite anyone interested in working for a redemptive venture to create a profile on our Talent Network for our Fellows to browse and connect directly with you.

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